FORWARD Dance Academy is a prestigious dance school located in Ottawa, Ontario.

Introduce your child to the fun of dance, we have something for everyone.




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>> Monday September 9, 2019 >>

our mission

About us.

FORWARD Dance Academy is positioned to become Canada's next leading dance school. We are dedicated to training and providing every dancer with the required tools and techniques to become the best they can be, on and off stage. Whether it be recreational or competitive, our goal is to enrich each child’s love for dance. Committed to building a positive environment, we pride ourselves in supporting and motivating our students to move FORWARD.



We’re always looking FORWARD.

Our training equips students with the skills they need to pursue a dance career in any of the following industries:

>> Competitive industry
>> Commercial industry
>> Company industry

At FORWARD Dance Academy, we’ve got programs to fit every dance dream. Whether you want to introduce your child to the fun of dance or help them take their dance skills to the next professional industry level, we have something for everyone.


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Our Classes


Ballet develops the technique and foundations required to move forward in all other styles of dance. It is practiced in a more disciplined environment, as it is the most difficult to perfect. Classes are available in the Russian Vaganova method.

JAZZ >> 

Focusing on technique and style, jazz is a high-energy form of dance that will enhance one’s originality. Inclusive of a good stretch, these classes will include learning jumps, turns, and different combinations.

TAP >>

An upbeat class based on rhythm and musicality, this style is another one to help all other genres. With an emphasis on counting music and different beats, students will learn to make music with their feet.


Acro is a class designed to build muscle and strengthen a dancer’s foundation. As well it will help to improve in flexibility. It combines acrobatic tricks with dance technique. Students will be trained on an individual basis, according to their skill level by qualified teachers.


These classes are for everybody! Hip hop is the most stylistic and dynamic form of dance, and is always evolving. In an energetic environment, you will develop confidence, style, and stamina.


A class that combines ballet, jazz, lyrical, and modern dance, contemporary has become the most popular form of dance. This style is expressive, used to tell stories and can emote every feeling.

recreational Program

The perfect place to start your dancer’s journey.

Part-Time Competitive Program

A schedule that’s right for your dancer.


Full-time Competitive Program

Focused, determined, and ambitious.


SZN 2 Competitive Team

SZN 2 Competitive Team