recreational program

The perfect place to start your dancer’s journey.

Designed for children ages 2 and older, our recreational program provides students the opportunity to explore dance in a fun, safe, and supportive environment. Classes are led by professional instructors, allowing dancers to develop their technique, strength, and flexibility in introductory jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, and acrobatic classes. With opportunities to take any number of classes and perform in our energetic year-end show, recreational students learn the basics while discovering their passion for dance.



part-time competitive program

Competitive dance on a schedule that’s right for you.

For dancers desiring more structured training, our part-time competitive program offers advanced instruction on a modified schedule. Part-time students train for five to six hours each week over two days in jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop, and stretch/conditioning. Working with skilled instructors, students hone their technique to represent FWD at three competitions annually.



Full-time competitive program

Top-notch training for the focused, determined, and ambitious dancer.

Our full-time competitive program provides dancers with advanced instruction to help them push limits at competitions or train to become professional dancers. Students master their technique in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, acrobatics, and contemporary dance on a more demanding and set schedule. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, dancers will develop the strength, stamina, and confidence they need to excel on and off stage, pursue an industry career, and redefine the future of dance.